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We propose an integration of quantum algorithms in the 3D creation process. Our objective is to enable quantum circuits manipulation in the 3D software Blender while integrating this tool into its already existing 3D pipeline.

Our tool is developed in Animation Nodes, a node-based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in the 3D software Blender. It is within this add-on that we have integrated nodes related to quantum computing using the Qiskit python library.

A quantum circuit can be represented as a data stream (input – computation – output), just like nodal programming in 3D softwares, which makes its implementation as nodes natural. In addition, this solution is in line with the “everything is node” trend that is currently taking place in the 3D creation industry.


We want Quantum Nodes to be available and usable by everyone. This is why we created tutorials to introduce you to the add-on and to help you manipulate it.

There is also a « Tutorial 0 » which is a short lesson on the concept of quantum to facilitate your understanding of quantum gates and circuits and how to use them.

Team members

Eloïse Tassin

Laurine Capdeville

Lisa Noblet

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